A short history of Euro synth-goth music

Whenever we talk about music style and its evolution, today's music is often compared with the music style of the 80’s and 90’s. It was the periods when the Goth music was in the craze and has taken the young generation on new elevation with its dark, Goth music has been created by some of those best known bands in the history of music. But before we move forward with analyzing the style and genres of Goth music with time let us first introduce it to our readers. Those who love Goth music require no introduction but the readers who are new to this style of music let me explain it to you.

young musicians BThe Goth music is an extremely complicated style of rock music that emerged in the world of music in the late 70's. The bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Cure shifted towards the darker side of dark music in this period and created sheer history. As the decades passed, music created by young musicians was marked with minimal guitar lines, echoes and a taste of the macabre. The evolution of synthesizer usage had reinforced the vibe and the music offered a sensation to the listener similar to what horror had given to the viewers who watched scary movies. Goth music has a feeling of an empty void and closeness to death without falling for it with a feeling of liveliness. Unlike pop music, Gothic synth music isn’t designed to be too catchy but highly attractive to those with a higher sense of the real world around them. The contrast of both worlds is something that made it mystical yet popular.

Like any other music genre, the definition and likeness of Goth music lie in the ears of the listener. Here we are trying to explore the myriad of the genre of goth music evolved in decades since its inception in the 1970's. The synthesizers worked as a catalyst in this big wave. Often the tone of the music was set in motion through other artists who helped shape the style that was still underground at that time. David Bowie, the famous singer used it in his album trilogy ‘Low, Heroes, and Lodgers'. Synthesizer was also used extensively in concept album music that included- Devo: Are we not men? And this trend kept inspiring the rock bands in the coming future.

The evolution of goth synth music in the 80's can be marked with the release of the album, 'Video Killed the Radio Star' by Buggies and the Devo album ‘Freedom of Choice’. The new wave was launched with a multitude of performances from bands like Duran Duran, Tears of Fears and the Human League. The song BLUE MONDAY launched back in 1983 started a whole new wave with synthesizer and became a landmark in Gothic synth music.

The popularity of Goth Synth reached new heights in the 90’s when the use of synthesizer-dominated every genre of music. It was time when bands like Grunge was taking over the mainstream and music lovers were banging their head with Nirvana, Alice in chains and the pop giants Depeche Mode. They released the famous album "Violater", which included songs that are still listed to even to this day by music lovers. Though not technically synth/goth the Violater album is darkly rich with classic gothic music sounds and themes.