How tough is the symphonic gothic-metal scene

Symphonic Gothic- metal is a genre of music that combines heavy metal style and the dull atmosphere of gothic rock music. This music genre contains several bands today that have so far been doing well and others that are finding their entry in it I found this kind of music interesting and decided to research and share the challenges of new bands in this genre with you. Before I get into the details of the article, you should have a glance at the scope of the article.

Nightwish MI realized that bands in this music genre struggle with finances. The music requires a lot of improvisations to achieve its dark atmosphere. Instruments used in symphonic gothic-music are also costly making it hard for entrant bands. Vocal guitars, bass drums, and synthesizers require a good amount to purchase. The new bands have to raise the money to cater for all these, and it becomes a challenge.

Secondly, I found out that the new bands experience a tough time for their music to have followers. The fact is that hundreds of fans are glued to experienced bands performances that have an excellent mastery of the subculture, the past and the future of the genre leaving the new bands struggling with their talents but zero fans.

The new bands are left without fans again due to the actual practice. Gothic music requires the use of a range of vocal styles like a guttural growl, baritone vocals, and dark metal shrieks. New bands may not have the best of these aspects, and consequently, they lack fans. Achieving the right lyrics for this music genre is not easy either. The ideal lyrics are melodramatic and mournful in nature. They try to mix the fiction and personal experiences reflection from gothic and personal experiences. However, it is always a challenge to new entrant bands. This leaves them with a limited audience.

Still, getting appropriate performance venues is problematic for new bands. This music genre is best performed in theatres that are not mostly available to beginners due to their scarcity. Even when they are vailable, they are still expensive to new bands. Symphonic gothic music is played in customized venues for dark appearance, and they are not readily available.

Finally, it is very tough for a new band to favorably compete with the already established bands in this music genre. There are only several bands in the genre that have stood the test of time, and new bands have a very time competing with them. Examples include Nightwish, Without Temptation and Kamelot. It is very tough for new bands to compete favorably with these old bands. These are just some of the reasons why new bands find it very hard and tactical to succeed in the dynamic symphonic gothic-metal music genre today. It's that tough! However, with time, constant practice will definitely make perfect giving new bands some amount of hope in success.